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Acne Prevention Tips

Acne is a skin problem that generally appears among teenagers due to puberty and it is manifested through pimple formation. Acne can install anywhere on your skin and is generally caused by the changes produced underneath the skin layers: hormonal imbalance, genetics or skin regeneration.

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But what can you do?

Well the answer is very simple. First of all you need to prevent. This is the easiest step you need to perform in order to have a beautiful and healthy skin and avoid further complications.

In addition, you should know that acne is not provoked by dirt and the foods you consume, as the popular belief states. Of course it is important to have a daily skin care routine, but you don’t have to exaggerate.

Prevention tips:

Daily routine:

  • Wash your skin two times a day in order to remove bacteria, dead cells or oils;
  • Do not use harsh scrubs; exfoliation should be done by using a gentle scrub with a smooth composition;
  • Do not consume apricot or almond based products as they can irritate your skin.

Physical exercises

Sport is good for your general health, but because it stimulates blood circulation and energy, relaxes your muscles and reduces stress, it will improve the condition of your skin as well. However, during the physical effort your body eliminates toxins which remain at the surface of your skin. Therefore, you should, wear appropriate clothing, take a shower right after the gym class and avoid wearing makeup while exercising.


It is important to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a day in order to have a stronger immunity. This will prevent infections and will heal the existing one faster.

Do not touch your skin!

Avoid touching your skin all the time. The only thing you will do is to help bacteria enter the pores and favor the pimple formation.

Avoid alcohol based products

Alcohol has astringent properties, removing the exterior layer of your skin and stimulating the oil production. Try to use as little as possible products that contain a great concentration of alcohol and you will save your skin from blemishes and redness.

Never pop or squeeze your pimples

Every time you pop a pimple, you not only help bacteria enter deep into your skin, but you also make a scar around the pimple that will remain for a long time.


Stress and tension are quite dangerous for your skin because they release the hormone cortisol, which causes excessive sweat and oil production and eventually leads to pimples and zits.

Our advice: break you routine and relax for some time. You can read a book, practice yoga take a bath etc.

Eat healthy

A healthy diet manages to nourish your body properly and helps it work at its optimum levels. Consume fruits and vegetables and exclude the processed foods from your eating plan. And always have breakfast! It is the main meal of the day due to the energy that it provides you with. In addition, hydrate your body and skin by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily.

Protect your skin from sunburns

The sunscreen plays a vital role in the health and the exterior aspect of your skin. The powerful UV rays dry your skin and determine it to produce more oil than usual and renew cells frequently. These two factors favor the pimple production, creating the perfect ambient.

Acne Prevention Tips


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